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back upI am a freelance Artist, illustrator, digital colourist & Craftworker based in Lochcarron in the North West Coast of the Scottish Highlands. I currently run a Pop Up Pottery at the old Smithy, outside of Lochcarron. I was also a retained Fire Fighter for 12 years.

As well as my own work I spend a lot of time on community projects. I have 20 years experience of running, organising & delivering a wide range of Arts and Crafts workshops, classes and events, including Hi-Ex, The Highlands International Comic Expo.

I was trained in Ceramics at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1980's and run 'Balnacra Pottery'.


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Artists Statement.
The Inspiration for my work, comes from a fascination with Animals, Archeology, History, Anthropology, Ancient Art. How people have always related to the world about them. The natural cycles of the seasons and of life. Symbols and Stories
Living in the Scottish highlands
has moulded a passion for all things Pictish and Celtic.

This exploration of local history and decorative symbols led me far east to siberia and to the work of the Scythian, Pazyryk culture from 2000years ago. Mummies were found, tattooed like our ancestors the Picts. Their Art style is very reminisant of the celtic and pictish work, particular a golden deer motif which can be found stretching across Asia.

This has been a major influence on my work. These designs have become so much part of me that I have re-designed them as my own tattoos. A major ambition for me is to travel to The Altai Region myself, to explore the similarities between Scythian & Celtic /Pictish art. In august 2010, I made it as far as near the Volga, in Tatarstan. That adventure of a lifetime reaffirmed and confirmed the call of the steppes.

I also love Pre-Raphaelite Art, folklore, fairy stories, myth & legend, tribal lore & lifestyles, I get lost for days in museums, have a giant comic collection and get very excited about piles of rocks.

Everything is political, my art, the community projects, collaborations and cross-cultural work I do are driven by political idealism. Art is communicating, accessibility to all is important to me, which is why much of my work is representational.

List of Published work Here


  • Group Christmas shows 2012, Inchmore Gallery, The schoolhouse Dornie, Beauly Gallery.
  • Comic concept work currently exhibiting in Scotland House, Brussels.
  • exhibited in Edinburgh and Inverness with 'Reactions to Vysotsky' August 2011
  • Contributed to Trees for Life charity Exhibition 2012
  • Joint exhibition in Weatherford Offices, Aberdeen spring 2011.
  • Participated in Rock Trust charity postcard art exhibition 2011
  • Participation in Highland Russian connections charity exhibition in the City of Novokuznetsk and Mariinsk, Siberia
  • Art Exhibition & Christmas Fair, New Lodge, strathcarron 20th November to 5th December
  • Winter 2010- Inverness airport, Figurative paintings.
  • winter 2010-2011 Inchmore Gallery
  • Exhibition in the Shishkin Gallery, Yelabuga Tatarstan, Russian 2010, of works produced during by the 5th International Arts symposium of Yelabuga, theme of ’Breath of the Epos’.
  • May 2010 Highland open studios event.
  • July 2009 Inchmore gallery-Firefighter art.
  • June 2009. Highland Open studios event at the Lochcarron Fire station


  • Involved with Ceangal. International Artists residencies project. ongoing
  • ran 'how to draw comics' workshops at Belladrum music festival 2011
  • did design work and involved with SKY1 programme currently under production " the great Treehouse Challenge"
  • contributed to 'The Spirit of Hope' Japan relief fundraising Comic book put together by the Comic Book Alliance. BBC report HERE
  • Appearing as a Guest at The National Irish Sci-Fi Convention- Octocon 2011
  • was a guest at 2D the Northern Ireland Comics Festival 2nd -4th June 2011 Blog here
  • Exhibitor & Panelist at Bristol Comic Expo 2011 'Slaughterman's Creed' and 'Women, Politics and Cartoons'
  • Appeared as a Guest at The National Irish Sci-Fi Convention- Octocon 2010
  • Participation In the 5th International Arts symposium of Yelabuga, Tatarstan, Russian 2010, theme of ’Breath of the Epos’
  • mosaic interpretive panels on bio-diversity & heritage for the Smithy Heritage Centre 2010
  • March-April 2008, Recycled Art installation/seating area at Alness Academy,
  • Participated in the Highland Printmakers ‘Lochcarron Animation project’ 2007, produced “The Giant of Lochcarron” short film.
  • August 2007, worked in 4 west coast primary schools to produce banners and murals for the Blas Festival. Textiles and mosaics.
  • 20th July 2008. 'How to draw Comics' with the BBC ‘BLAST’ Tour. Inverness.
  • many others- information on request


  • Arts play Highland
  • The Highland-Russia Connection Charity
  • The Scottish Artists Union
  • Visual Arts Scotland
  • The Society of Scottish Artists
  • The Fire Brigades Union (Vice-chair of regional womens committee, branch & brigade retained Rep)
  • lochcarron Business Association


  • The Historical state preservation area of Yelabuga, Tatarstan Russia.
  • The first minister of Scotlands collection.
  • Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue service.
  • various international private collections


  • Digital Eden project 2006, Bursary to create  animation film for the Inverness film festival.
  • shortlisted for 2010 Highlands and Islands Fire & Rescue service Commitment to Excellence awards- Community and Youth involvment.


  • BA hons Art and Design (Edin). Ceramics 1983-88
  • OU. Introduction to Psychology.
  • Certificate in person centred counselling
  • many vocational training courses & certifcates.details on request

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